"It's so long since I've seen kindness in a woman's face" he said
"So long without a woman’s company
I don't ask for your forgiveness, I don't ask to share your bed"
She said: "Does a woman's kindness shine in me?
I wonder, does a woman's kindness shine in me?"

I've seen hatred, I've seen killing, and babies born to die
I’ve fought wars in countries far across the sea
Now I'd like to talk of beauty, and the color of your eyes"
She said: "Does a woman's beauty shine in me?
Do you see a woman's beauty shine in me?"

"There's a paper in my pocket, it's a poem that I read
I brought it here to show you that you're free,
But I can't pretend I wrote it, so I'll laugh with you instead"
She said: "Does my country's laughter sound in me?
Do you hear my country's laughter sound in me?"

The position that you occupy
The borders that you've crossed
You've taken from the men who died
The lovers that we've lost
And though we seem defeated now
The heart of every soul
Is beating with a single vow:
To make our country whole...

...We're captive now, but still somehow
We'll make our country whole...

...We're fighting for our freedom now
The freedom that you stole 

The silent shadows edge across the sleeping winter fields
As Darkness draws its cloak upon the town
And his loneliness surrenders to the weapon she conceals
As she whispers "Don't you see, the moon is down?
Do you see that now the moon is surely down..."
Lyrics copyright © 1979-2001 Jem Treadwell.
Lyrics copyright © 2004 Glass Bottom Music LLC.
Based on a passage from the novel The Moon Is Down, by John Steinbeck
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