1.     We're moments away from the time that you're leaving
And I'm still believing that time will stand still
I listen for love in the words that you're breathing
I want you to stay, and I know that you will

So hold me, for just another minute
Or open your arms and let everything go
You've told me, the way that you win it
Is to hold on to love, to the love that you know
Hold on to the love that you know 
2.      Your eyes tell the tale of one who remembers
The ashes and embers of lovers gone by
You're scarred and you're scared by a line of pretenders
Who stole all your lovin', and left you to die

So hold me and keep us together
The fear that you're feeling will surely be gone
You’ve told me that love is for ever
Hold on to love, to the love that you've won
Hold on to the love that you've won 
3.      Now you're lost in the mist of old mem'ries awoken
The chains still unbroken, though you long to be free
You can trust in the truth of the words that you’ve spoken
Just open your eyes and believe what you see

I'll hold you and keep us together 
When you need me you know that I’ll always be there
I've told you my love is forever
So hold on to love, oh the love that we share
Hold on to the love that we share 
Lyrics copyright © 1998 Jem Treadwell.
Lyrics copyright © 2004 Glass Bottom Music LLC.
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