Glass Bottom Music is a songwriting and publishing partnership formed by Douglas Clark and Jem Treadwell.  The partnership was established in July 2004 to publish the songs we've collaborated on for years.
Our association began in 1996, after we were introduced by mutual friends Keith McConnell and Jennie Floyd. Our interests are complementary: Doug is an accomplished singer, composer and musician, while Jem has a strong interest in songs with well-written and interesting lyrics.
We both have many life distractions, which limits the time we are able devote to music-making.  In 2007 we opened our on-line music store, and made several of our songs available for purchase.  Golden Wedding, a song written to celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversaries, has been featured at family events in the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and India.
The music industry has evolved to allow independent musicians to easily distribute their music, through digital music outlets and streaming services such as CDBaby, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify.  The Glass Bottom Music online store went the way of the Dodo (!), but our music, both audio recordings produced in Glass Bottom Studios, and sheet music published by Glass Bottom Music, is now becoming available through links you will find on this site.  
However, this site will serve a purpose that is not well-served by the digital music distribution platforms today:  liner notes, and background stories for our fans!  We hope you like our songs.  Browse through our lyrics, read about our artistic process, and please - buy our music, put it in your playlists, and share it with your friends on social media! 
If you'd like to give us some feedback, we'd love to hear from you.
– Doug Clark & Jem Treadwell
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