Lyrics: Heading Home To You

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Heading Home To You

Dedicated to Annie

and the memory of John Denver

1.       Almost closed my eyes just now
Have to clear my mind
Of broken lines and highway signs
And headlights close behind
This traveler is weary now
`Cos sleep is overdue
But I'm headin' west where home is best
Yeah I'm headin' home to you

And when I get there you'll be waiting
For my footsteps at the door
You'll whisper words I haven't heard
Since I was home before
And later when you're sleeping
Sweet and gentle in my bed
I'll think about the way we've come
And the road that lies ahead

2.       Radio reminds me now
Of time when we were young
Country stars and slide guitars
And songs we've always sung
Station fades behind me now
And those voices won't come through
And so my head is filled instead
With images of you

And when I see you you'll be smiling
As I'm walking through that door
You'll say those words I haven't heard
That I've been waiting for
And later when you're sleeping
Sweet and gentle in my bed
I'll think about the time that's passed
And all the years ahead

3.       Daylight chases night-time now
And shadows slip away
This old car that's come so far
Should make it home today
Stop and yawn in the breaking dawn
For that early morning view
But every rising sun I see
Returns my thoughts to you

And when I'm with you Iíll remember
What we lose when we're apart
And though Iíve missed your gentle kiss
You know youíre in my heart
And lately when I'm dreaming
Of the place I love to be
I dream about the way you are
And all you mean to me

I love you for the way you are
And the love you give to me

Lyrics copyright © 1997 Jem Treadwell.
Lyrics copyright © 2004 Glass Bottom Music LLC.

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May 10, 2009